Dear Prospective Customer, 

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to give you information about the services LONE STAR ALARM MONITORING has to offer you.

Alarm Monitoring: Since 1991, LONE STAR ALARM MONITORING has protected tens of thousands of customers. Alarm monitoring is billed annually in advance. Quarterly billing is available at an additional $2.00 per month, with payment paid by electronic transfer.

Switching your current alarm system: We can switch over your existing alarm system or upgrade it. 

Star-Link Network: Transmits your alarm signals to our central station over the airwaves, not over vulnerable phone lines. This wireless communication is the ideal answer for customers who want secure alarm communications. 

Monitoring with Star-Link is only $33.95 per month. Remote arming and disarming; is $36 per year additional interactive servicel.

We service all brands and models of systems.

Service area: We provide service for customers from Paso Robles to the Mexican border to Arizona.

Repair service: We have a full staff of highly experienced service technicians. Our Service Manager Rick Harris has been in the job for five years and he sees that our customer’s repair requests result in a service-tech at their location on a same day/next-day basis. Our priority scheduling and extended service hours of Monday through Saturday and weeknights to 8PM, with two hour appt. windows provide our customers with prompt service on a flexible schedule, all at reasonable rates.

Alarm Response: With many police departments charging exorbitant false alarm fines (Los Angeles, Oxnard, Long Beach, Santa Clarita) and with response times measured in hours, Lone Star offers a private alarm response in many areas. 
We dispatch our armed officers to rapidly respond to alarm calls.

The Cost of the response varies by area, ranging from $12-$20 per month, it is a bargain when compared to the cost of false alarm fines. 

Video Surveillance: Video is a part of our name as it is a key part of our business. We have highly trained and experienced video installation crews to install commercial grade video surveillance systems in both businesses and homes. All of our video installations come with a full two-year warranty. 
The systems can be equipped with internet viewing capability.

Video-Sentry: Is a unique service designed by Lone Star to fill the critical gap left by traditional security solutions in the field of outdoor-protection. The utilization of high resolution video surveillance cameras allows our Security Officers to view your property via the internet, confirm potential criminal activity, dispatch our Response Officers to the location, and to communicate directly with officers on scene. 

We connect your alarm through your internet. This eliminates the cost of an “old-school” telephone line.

Gated communities: Video-Sentry is also utilized for visitor entry requirements at gated communities and other access required locations, at a fraction of the cost of old fashioned ‘guard-shack” operations. Video-Sentry puts and end to the “tailgater” trespasser problem! 

We cover customers from large to small. Homes and businesses. Understanding that business means serving one customer at a time. We are large enough to take care of you, but small enough to know you.
I look forward to earning your business and providing for your security needs.

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