Lone Star Alarm Monitoring
321 No. MaClay Ave.#D, San Fernando 91340
(818) 341-0811 FAX (818) 365-3411    LoneStarResponse.com  


Service and repair policy: Issued to ______________________________________________

Date _______________________________________________________________________

This modifies section 2.4 of the Agreement.

Service policy will cover all maintenance and repairs to the 
customer’s burglar alarm with the following exclusions:

Any changes or modifications requested by the customer.
Any damage done to the alarm by any person or from any cause.
Any batteries that are part of the alarm system.
Any security alarm screens.
Any part of the alarm that is on the exterior of the premises. 

Service will be performed during Lone Star’s normal service hours. 

There is a $25 deductible per service visit.

The charge for the service policy is ____per year paid annually in advance. 

The service policy will automatically renew each year at the same rate unless either party 
gives the other 30 days or more prior written notice of intent to not renew the service policy or of any rate change.

Lone Star Alarm Monitoring_____________________________________  Date ___/___/____

Customer ________________________________________________________ Date ___/___/____